Go into Exile

Choice B: Go into Exile


As you’re being removed from the room, you overhear Mustapha Mond discussing your fate with another person, "He's being sent to an island. That's to say, he's being sent to a place where he'll meet the most interesting set of men and women to be found anywhere in the world. All the people who, for one reason or another, have got too self-consciously individual to fit into the community-life." He admits that the islands may be in fact a better place to live...


You arrive on the island, and decide to convince your new neighbors to join you in your crusade for individual liberty. Unbeknownst to the Department of Propaganda, you have managed to acquire a copy of the ancient tome and now you are trapped in a race to extract the contents of this text and reveal it.


Your self-assigned task, is to analyze the connection between the book (Brave New World) and the modern world, Analyze the conditions under which the modern “Utopian Society” was formed, and discuss why this Utopian Society ultimately fails. Your fellow citizens of the islands are notoriously difficult to convince by conventional means, but seem to respond most favorably to artwork of all types.


Proceed to reveal your specific instructions