The Journey to an Interpretation (Process)

1) First, you must choose a course of action. Your choices are these: either join the Controlling Council and begin training for the job of the next World Controller, or go into exile. This choice will determine your viewpoint


2) Next, you will access your "hidden resources" and explore Web Sites on the background of Brave New World, as well as totalitarian regimes and self-proclaimed Utopias. Remember to look into events dealing with the time period in which Huxley lived.


3) Huxley wrote his social criticism, Brave New World, in 1932. Following World War I, many British writers looked toward renewed social change. However, this optimism shifted among writers. Research the Bloomsbury Group (Yeats, Pound, Joyce) and later writers (Orwell, Huxley, Auden, Spencer). Evaluate and define some of the  ideologies held by these writers.


4) How did Fascism and the Spanish Civil War influence the later writer's views of the future? How did the growth of the Nazi Party and Communism influence the later writers' views of the futures?


5) Using the information that you have obtained, you will analyze the connection between the world portrayed Brave New World and the modern world, in a well-constructed essay.


6) Examine the conditions leading to the "Utopian Society" in Brave New World, and discuss why this Utopian Society would ultimately fail and become a dystopia. Explain what faults you see in the "utopian" society of Brave New World, and be sure to find related literature (Plato, Socrates, More, Orwell) that supports your viewpoint.


7) It has been observed that "Brave New Worlders" are more receptive to fiction that non this point, from what you have studied in the archives, you should be aware of the motivations of the various characters. Select one of the characters mentioned in the text, and analyze his/her actions in accordance to a theme in Brave New World (BNW). Then, write a short story set in the BNW universe, featuring the character you have chosen...


8) Create an artistic interpretation of Brave New World, which incorporates some of the themes, symbols, and motifs, and the environment that the people are forced to live in. Remember that your artwork should also reflect the role you have chosen for yourself...