Join the Controlling Council

Choice A: Join the Controlling Council


Your first task is to peruse an archaic text by the prophet Huxley while searching for connections to the modern world. If you are able to apply its significance in a way that benefits the state, you will be richly rewarded. Remember that the people of the world have been indoctrinated into a cycle of anonymity and lack of thought, and so for best effect, you will need to create a visual work for the public as well as filing a report with the Controlling Council.


However, you are also pursuing your own agenda: exploring how the underlying themes and their associated warnings could be used to expose the corruption of the government and launch a coup d’etat, paving the way into a “brave new world” of truth and freedom.


You enter your new office, seat yourself at your desk (the latest, and greatest thing, of course), and dust off the cover of the ancient tome. As you remove the years of disuse (and you think to yourself, suppression by the current regime), three words begin to emerge from the layers of filth, faintly glinting in the light of the room…Brave New World.


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