Association Of Chinese Parents for Whitney Excellence

What is ACPWE?

The ACPWE is a nonprofit and nonpolitical association formed by parents of Whitney Chinese students and alumni.

What's the purpose of ACPWE?

It's to promote parents' participation in their children's education. It also supports the school financially to benefit our children's education in Whitney High School through fundraising.

Is it a membership funded Association?

Yes! The membership due is required to support events/ activities of ACPWE. All parents of Whitney Chinese students and alumni are welcome to become members.

What's the relationship of ACPWE and Whitney Foundation?

As soon as the budgets for ACPWE annually funded events are established, the balance of the raised funds will be transferred to the Whitney Foundation. These contributions made by Whitney's Chinese parents support Foundation approved projects, purchasing of new equipment and supplies, and significantly improves the educational environment for our children at Whitney High School.

Events for 2004-2005

ACPWE Welcome Party Sep. 17, 2004(7pm-9pm)/MPR
Administration System of Whitney High School by Dr. Brock & Ms. Hager

"Academic Excellence" Award of 21st Century Schools of Distinction

The Importance of each grade's performance in 6-year Academic planning by Grade Advisors

New SAT and College Application by Ms. Pinedo

Activities in Whitney High School by Mrs. Improta
Fundraising Dinner Feb. 2005(6pm-9pm)/CPE
Vision in Pursuit "Best of the Best" High School in 21st Century by Dr. Brock

Career Planning - Meet with Professionals

Speakers: Lawyer, Medical Doctor and Psychologist

Topic: My profession and my life; Relationship with Teens
Senior Awards, Summer Planning and Membership Meeting May 20, 2005 (6:30pm-9pm)/MPR
Senior Scholarship Awards, Summer Planning for Educational Camps and Family Vacation. Election of Board Members.


ACPWE Officers and Board Members
Margaret Chiang President (562) 802-8883
Nancy Lee Vice President (562) 926-7617
Bessie Chiu Vice President/Director of Communication (562) 924-6855
Monica Wang Secretary (562) 809-1161
Susan Chen Treasurer (562) 623-9190
Sharon Tseng Technology (562) 865-5705
Joanne Chen Fundrasiing Co-chair (562) 402-6005
Theresa Lee Fundrasiing Co-chair (562) 468-4611
Board Members & Contact Persons
7th Grade: Nancy Lee
Shan Lin
(562) 926-7617
(562) 809-7111
8th Grade: Joseph Cheng
Miaw-Ying Tsai
Jenny Lin
(562) 865-0890
(562) 809-8870
(562) 809-8736
9th Grade: Bessie Chiu
Nanmei Choh
Hui-Ying Yang
(562) 924-6855
(562) 402-0775
(562) 404-6170
10th Grade: Monica Wang
Chia-Shih Lee
Ming-Yu He
(562) 809-1161
(562) 860-6106
(562) 483-8788
11th Grade: Roger Chang
Katie Yen
Joanne Chen
(562) 229-0786
(714) 521-9158
(562) 402-6005
12th Grade: Doris Hung
Jean Chen
Rulan Miao
(562) 926-4066
(562) 865-8996
(562) 402-6563