Debra A. Price-Agrums

Staff Information

Debra A. Price-Agrums
Visual and Performing Arts Dept.
(562) 926-5566 ext. 22338
This is her 24nd year of teaching the Visual Arts here at Whitney High School; she sometimes teaches as many as 12 preparations a year, including Ceramics I-IV, Crafts I-IV, Drawing, Painting & Design I-V. To read more about her art programs and her strudents, see Edward Humes' book School of Dreams. Mrs. Agrums is married and has two chilredn, Zach (15) and Danielle (9), and she would love to hear from these alum: Jason Porras, Mike LeBeau, Michael Gutierrez, Ron Sarne, Janine Roach, Wendy or Matt Hertel, Lisa Sri..., Taylor Hillis, Eric A., Marielle, Victoria Shen, Jessica Lee, Regina B., Freda Lin, Giao Vu, Etta Shon, Lisa Su, Stephanie Valenzuela, Jan Yeh, Connie D., and Trulee Lee

Class Schedule

Period 1    
Period 2 Beginning 2-D Art Room 18
Period 3 Intermediate & Advanced 3-D Art Room 18
Period 4 Intermediate & Advanced 2-D Art Room 18
Period 5 Ceramics I Room 18
Period 6 Beginnning 3-D Art Room 18
Period 7 Conference Room 18
Period 8